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What is Business Administration? Business administration online and offline trainings are options that some entrepreneurs take. Executives and business managers may also take them. According to Ranker, former President, George W. Bush; CEO of Sara Lee, Brenda Barnes, and the CEO of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson majored in business administration. 1

Focal Areas In Business Administration Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Leadership and the management of critical initiatives are key components of business administration. The field is broad and includes many different types of roles.

At its core, business administration is the administration and management of organizational operations. Examples of organizational operations are money management, people management, and processes that ensure an organization is complying with legal regulations.

Learning Outcomes

When you pursue a business administration online education, you can expect to learn about relevant topics like:

  • Financial management
  • Accounting
  • People management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Ethics

Take Advantage Of Early Business Administration Pathways

You may also receive training on how to manage complex projects. Consider doing an internship before you graduate from a business administration online degree. An internship is a great way to see how different parts of a business work together.

During an internship, you can see how the sales, legal, and finance departments work together to achieve common goals. You can also see project management, leadership and communication styles in action.

But, don’t just observe during an internship. Ask questions. Attend networking events. Learn as much as you can about business operations.

Also, contact your business administration online college program instructor. Ask how practices at the organization that you intern at impact a specific market. In other words, continue to learn even when you’re not in a classroom setting.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Business Administration?

You can use a business administration degree to support short and long term goals. Roles that business administration online and offline training align with include human resources manager, finance manager, and project manager. The training also prepares adults to enter careers as a chief administrative officer, life coach, or account supervisor.

If you have a healthy appetite for smart risks, you could use your business administration degree to start your own company. Just make sure that you are ready to handle challenges that are unique to business ownership.

The Small Business Administration also recommends that you consider how independent you are. 2 For example, do you perform best when someone else gives direction? Or do you prefer to take the lead? Do you like to solve problems? Or do you wish that challenges didn’t exist and would just go away?

Your Personal Skills Matter

There are other factors to consider. Think about your creativity, your communication skills, and your ability to negotiate and rally others. It may be during an internship. It may even be during a class project. Find out how comfortable you are leading, communicating, and negotiating with others.

Classroom and life lessons that you learn as a business administration online major are transferable. For example, negotiation, leadership, and conflict resolution skills are needed to develop a strong family or neighborhood. These skills are also critical should you decide to lead community or government organizations. The roles include positions at the highest levels in a state or country.


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