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The Christian Ministry degree at MACU seeks to challenge and prepare men and women for a variety of roles in the church. The goal is to provide strong understanding of biblical knowledge with practical ministry skills, that can be united with the call from God, as Luke writes, to serve God’s purposes in your generation (Acts 13:36).In Romans 8:6, Paul contrasts a self-focused life, calling it a “dead end,” with a God-centered life, which leads one “out into the open, into a spacious, free life” (The Message). Eugene Peterson’s language reflects what ministry is. While ministry is challenging (to say the least), it is a unique privilege whose rewards are the very opposite of a dead end. Ministry is a call from God to champion the life-changing message and person of Jesus Christ. Have you heard that Call?

Students Majoring in Our Online Christian Ministry Will Have the Opportunity To:

  • Understand who they are in Christ and how they can best serve and enable others to serve Christ’s church
  • Delve into what it truly means to do ministry
  • Develop their personal philosophy of ministry
  • Study and experience successful ministry strategies
  • Understand the life cycle of ministry
  • Develop a strong understanding of Scripture and ways of communicating truth to a needful world

What Can I Do with an Online Degree in Christian Ministry?

Our Christian Ministry program is designed to meet the growing need of Christian leadership in churches across the country.

  • Senior Minister or Pastor
  • Associate or Youth Minister
  • Para-church or Missions organization leader
  • Campus Minister
  • Cross-cultural Minister
  • Church Planter

Industry Highlights For A Christian Ministry Major

  • Multi – site / multi – venue churches will continue to hire
  • Church consolidation will continue
  • Continued employment opportunity in mega church leadership positions due to aging founding “boomer generation” ministers and staff
  • Church planting opportunities are on the rise

Source: Thomas Rainer –

Christian Ministry Program Learning Outcomes

Required Courses 120/121 Semester Hours
General Studies 36/37 Semester Hours
Biblical Studies Major 30 Semester Hours
Christian Ministry Major 36 Semester Hours
Open Electives 18 Semester Hours

Students successfully completing the major in Christian Ministry will:

  • Examine and reflect upon their personal walk with God and gifts for ministry;
  • Understand and appreciate non-Christians around the world;
  • Understand effective communication with non-Christians;
  • Demonstrate basic skills for conducting counseling;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of effective Christian leadership;
  • Understand and apply ministry skills necessary to fulfill their calling;
  • Value the role of career Christian ministry and see their individual contribution to this work.

Course Schedule and ChecklistTo learn more about our Mission, Student Life, Admission Process, and Academic Information please refer to our 2016 MACU Academic Catalog.

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The Christian Ministry degree at MACU seeks to challenge and prepare students for a variety of roles in the church.
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