Financial Aid for Online Students

The cost of college can be overwhelming sometimes, but think about this: People who have a college degree on average earn 1 Million Dollars More than people who have just a high school diploma. That’s great news! But paying for college now might still be a challenge. Thankfully, there are a bunch of ways that MACU is making their online degree program affordable for everyone!

More Information About Financial Aid for Online Students

MACU’s online tuition fee is now the same cost per credit hour as our traditional classes. Even better, you don’t have to pay costly room and board fees as well. This can save you over $8,000 per semester, virtually cutting the cost of attending MACU in half! Click here to learn more about our tuition and fees for the 2015-16 school year, or call Dan, your personal enrollment advisor, and talk about how affordable MACU can be!MACU is one of the most affordable Christian colleges in our region and the country

Scholarships and Grants

MACU is proud to offer regular merit-based scholarships as well as a wide variety of other scholarships. You can explore them all here! But don’t stop there, look around at other sites, and sign up for scholarship newsletters to learn about more opportunities you have to help pay for college. If you’re earning your first degree, then you may qualify for grants as well. View our financial aid fact sheet to learn more.

Federal and Private Student Loans

While taking out student loans for college doesn’t sound appealing at first, consider the fact that interest rates for these loans are at their lowest in decades, making college more affordable than ever! Federal Stafford loans are extremely low and don’t have very high requirements for use. Also, you can defer repaying all of your student loans until up to three months AFTER you receive your degree, giving you a chance to secure your career and build your income. Visit to learn more or view our financial aid fact sheet.

Before you can begin any of this work, you’ll need to complete your FAFSA form. This form will determine exactly how much aid you can receive, and anyone who is anticipating using some sort of aid MUST fill out a FAFSA form first. FAFSA is also a great resource on helping you discover affordable ways to pay for college while earning the degree that will put you in the career of your dreams.

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